11 Ways to Make Shaving Cream Shoot Farther.

11 Ways to Make Shaving Cream Shoot Farther.

Shaving is the ritual that every man has to do, whether they like it or not. But there are some things you can do to make your morning routine more enjoyable. For instance, did you know you could make shaving cream shoot farther?

You may be thinking, “no, I think I’ll just get a new razor.” But wait! There are other ways to improve your shaving experience. Here are some tips to help you have better luck with your morning shave.

11 Ways to Make Shaving Cream Shoot Farther.

Make shaving cream shoot farther

One tip is that you need to add a little more cream to your shaving cream. If you look at the shaving cream shot charts, you may notice that many shavers add too little cream. If you add more, you will see a bigger shot (from the razor) and you can shave longer. Try shaving with a little extra cream next time and let us know how it goes!

Why not buy shaving cream at the store?

Most people use just shaving soap when they shave. But you can use shaving cream. The main difference is that the foaming characteristic of shaving soap is the same in both products, but shaving cream has far more lather (a mix of water and cream). If you put enough water in your shaving soap, there will be lather in your bowl, but it takes a lot more water to create enough lather with shaving cream.

Improve the quality of your shave

  • Trim your face regularly, so your razor blades are sharp.
  • Gently shave, making sure not to cut your skin.
  • Never use soap on your face.
  • Clean your razor after every shave.
  • Do your beard grooming before shaving, so it doesn’t get in the way.

And here is how to make shaving cream shoot farther:

  • Measure how far the end of your razor extends.
  • Make a little teaspoonful of shaving cream to the same length as the blade.
  • Spoon the shaving cream into your palm.
  • Start moving the razorback and forth between your palm and your face to make shaving cream shoot farther.
  • It’s important that you shave in a way that the shaving cream does not cover your blade, because it would not be able to make a splat as it goes.

Exfoliate to reduce ingrown hairs

The easiest way to shave your legs and be more successful is to apply a good shaving cream before getting in the shower. If you wait until you’re all ready to shave, you’ll miss a lot of ingrown hairs. They will usually be too small for the razor, but they’ll be sharp and it can hurt.

You should apply a shaving cream before you shave to help reduce your chances of ingrown hairs. Then, shave with a professional quality safety razor, like a Gillette Fusion.

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Contour your legs with a damp shaving sponge

Before you get in the shower, put some shaving foam on the top of your leg for contouring. This helps you better find your armpits, groin, buttocks, and bottom. This makes shaving more comfortable and prevents ingrown hairs. The foam helps your razor glide more easily.

The right tools for the job

The best part about trying out these tips is you can do them with all the basic shaving essentials. A small tool like a kitchen knife, or a serrated bread knife can do the job of slicing, and a small brush will make your shaving easier.

Besides these, you can try using a small cleaning comb on your razor. Not only will this help you shave better, but it will also make your razor cleaner. A soft, wet towel is also a good way to help with your shaving. If you use this routine, then by the time you have a new razor, your current razor should be working fine.

Follow a shaving schedule

Shaving can be quite a complex procedure. You need to plan out the perfect shaving routine that includes time for your shaving cream to settle before using it, and the proper amount of shaving cream to use.

After that, you need to shave slowly and smoothly. But you don’t have to do all this on your own. There are tips to help you follow a shaving schedule that works best for you. Here are some ways to make this possible.

Choose a quality razor

When you’re buying a razor, you want to make sure that it’s a quality product. However, sometimes the quality doesn’t translate into a cheaper price. You may need to look at different models and brands to find the best deal. You should pay close attention to the features on the packaging.

Shave with the grain

The majority of men will try to shave with the grain of the skin. This is supposed to help slough off dead skin cells. The problem is, you will have a lot less hot spots because of your skin being so thinly stretched. You may notice more difficulty in getting every nick and cut perfect. Even a small nick could be very annoying!

Instead, focus on shaving on the grain and around the hair with the blades being one consistent line. This way, you won’t be catching any razor burn or razor burn nicks.

Use a lotion

It is possible that your razor is wearing out. If you have noticed it is having problems stopping the shaving process, it could be that the blade is getting dull and you need to replace it.

Shave against the grain

The best way to shave is to shave against the grain of your beard. This technique not only leaves you with a close and tidy shave, but it also leaves your face feeling smooth. Your razor also moves across your skin in a way that will ensure a close shave.


You should still use a high-quality, professional-grade razor. But if you are going to make some improvements, this will make a big difference in how your shave turns out. Try these tips, and if they don’t work, we have some advice that you might want to consider. If shaving foam is what you want, this will make your shave that much better.

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