Can You Use Hair Clippers For Beard?

With so many options for trimming facial hair, you might be wondering if it’s possible to use your standard hair clippers on your beard. The answer is yes! Hair clippers are designed specifically to shear through all types of hair, which includes stubble.

It’s important to note that not all facial hairstyles are created equal; in order to get the best shave, it’s important to use clippers with a guard attachment. This can ensure that you can shape and style your beard like you would any other part of your head.

Can You Use Hair Clippers For Beard?

How should I use hair clippers for my beard?

To get a close shave, you need a guard that allows you to adjust the clippers, making sure they don’t move. This is particularly important for people with extremely hairy faces. Beard guards can be easily purchased on the Internet.

Clips for beard trimming should not be used in the same manner as hair clippers. The close shave that the blade provides is for shaving purposes only. It shouldn’t be used on the entire beard. Use the guard to guide the clipper toward the hairline, where you want it to trim.

Clipping the area where you want it removed is much easier than cutting across an entire beard. Another great option is a beard trimmer, which is designed specifically for keeping a close, defined beard.

What is the difference between hair clippers and hair?

Most beard trimmers on the market today come equipped with a trimmer or razor. However, there are some less expensive options that do not. These are generally referred to as beard trimmers and are meant for trimming the natural hair on your face.

Beard trimmers work by transferring the shaver to a heat source, typically on your face. The heat heats up the metal blades, effectively causing them to cut the hair. Because of this, you can’t use these types of trimmers on the fuzz on your back, sides, underarms, or shoulders.

To help alleviate this issue, many popular beard trimmers also include a heat-safe guard to prevent your beard from getting too hot. To be safe, this guard should cover at least 60 percent of the face area.

How do you trim your beard with hair clippers?

While it’s possible to clip your facial hair with a regular pair of shears, it can be a bit trickier if you’re cutting the length of your beard or getting all over your neck. While a pair of regular shears can certainly do the job, a traditional beard trimmer provides a more precise result, and many come equipped with a guard that will ensure that your skin stays protected while cutting.

Since hair clippers are specifically designed to cut a variety of styles and lengths, you can use them to trim a variety of lengths. For instance, if you have a short beard, the clippers can be used to trim your length to a particular style, such as a mustache. If you have a longer beard, you can trim your entire length to suit your style preferences, like short, medium, or long.

Are beard and hair clipper sizes the same?

The size of your beard is going to be dependent on the thickness of your hair. Men that have very thick beards will need to use a beard trimmer with an attachment that works best for their face. While your beard length will also depend on how closely you shave, the latter will mostly be based on how much you like your beard.

In this case, it’s best to start with a very close, side-swept cut. It will make a much more natural look and will work best with any style of beard trimming.

Can I use my Wahl clippers on my beard?

Unlike certain tools, Wahl hair clippers are suitable for removing facial hair with the grain. If you want to avoid some of the ingrown hairs that can be a problem with blade clippers, it’s important to only shear your beard when the clippers are on the lowest setting.

The Wahl clippers come with a range of different levels of guard attachment so you can choose the best way to get your desired shape.

Can I use a beard trimmer on my beard?

Similar to hair clippers, a beard trimmer is designed to shear facial hair with the grain. While these devices are usually used for trimming facial hair, you can use them to trim facial hair on other body parts such as your neck.

What do barbers use to shave beards?

So, you’re wondering how barbers actually shave beards, or if you can use your barber’s clippers? In the first place, it’s important to know that barbers also use their hand clippers and facial clippers to trim beards.

Using hand clippers is a great way to keep your beard looking neat without having to worry about clippers malfunctioning. Because they work on finer hair, there’s less chance that they will drag your beard with them. This will prevent you from having a jagged, snagged beard.

In addition, it’s a good idea to always use a safety razor when grooming your beard. Razor blades should be kept inside the blade, and not outside. This will help keep the razor-sharp and prevent it from getting cut while you shave.

What is the best clipper that work with beards?

The most important thing to remember about beard trimming is that you need a guard on your clippers to prevent nicks and cuts from getting worse. It’s essential that you trim your beard at the correct angle to ensure that you don’t rip the hair out.

After all, you want to retain the original length of your beard as best as possible. Below is one of best clippers that work with beards.

Philips Norelco Evolution 8300 N1 8″ Beard Trimmer

The Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer is the ultimate grooming tool for men who want to maintain a clean-cut look. The trimmer features an 8” stainless steel blade, which is perfect for trimming your beard to the desired length with ease.

The blade is double sharpened and has an easy rinse design, making it simple to clean after each use. With 18 built-in length settings with 1/64” accuracy, you’ll be able to find that perfect trim every time. You can also choose between 19 different lengths when using the zoom wheel on the side of the blade.

The trimmer’s lithium-ion battery lasts 60 minutes on a single charge and a full charge takes a maximum of eight hours. This lightweight, cordless beard trimmer makes grooming quick and easy!


For those who want to keep the facial hair but don’t want to shave, clippers can be an indispensable tool. With a variety of styles and lengths, you’re sure to find the perfect hair clipper for you. And with so many electrical and manual clippers on the market, it can be hard to know what option is best for your needs.

However, it’s important to do some research and determine which clipper would work best for your intended use. Will you use this clipper at home or in a barbershop? Do you need cordless or corded capabilities? Does it come with multiple attachments? What about speed settings?

These are just some of the important questions that should be considered before purchasing any clipper kit.

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