Does Castor Oil Help Beard Growth?

Beards are awesome. They’re manly, they’re sexy, and they’re hipster-approved. But the one thing that sucks about them is that they require a lot of upkeep. You’ll need to wash it, maintain it with conditioners, and moisturize it with oils. What’s worse is that some men’s beards don’t grow in full because of genetics or stress.

What can you do to get a beard quickly? One of the most popular methods for growing a beard is castor oil. Castor oil has been hailed as the ultimate cure for your unruly beard and this post will give you everything you need to know about castoring oil and how it can help your beard grow!

Does Castor Oil Help Beard Growth?

How castor oil can help

According to the experts at Mail Online, castor oil has natural ingredients that can help your beard grow stronger and thicker. If you’re looking to grow a beard as soon as possible, this will be a good option.

Castor oil benefits

Castor oil has been used for centuries to control hair growth in men and a few other common hair conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis and eczema. Because of its ability to stimulate hair growth and promote the production of sebum, the oil is popular for men with dry and coarse hair as it helps to regulate the oil in their skin.

As well as promoting hair growth, it is also a rich source of vitamin A which is responsible for maintaining a healthy skin. Vitamin A is also known for it’s ability to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

What you’ll need to know before starting

Okay, so you’ve figured out that your beard is terrible and you’re determined to try anything to improve the way it looks. Luckily for you, if you want to grow a full beard quickly, castor oil is the go-to solution for many. So what is castor oil?

Castor oil comes from the castor seed. That means it is made up of a nut, a fruit, and a very oily, sticky substance. The oily substance that’s extracted from the castor seed is called ricinoleic acid.

How to apply castor oil for beard growth

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Most men apply castor oil to the hair on their face every day, yet some are using it to keep their beard thick. Castor oil can be used to help grow your beard if you follow these simple steps:

1) Cleanse your face with warm water.

2) Apply the castor oil to the skin below your jaw line in circular motions (you may need to apply more than one coat).

3) Leave on for 30 minutes before washing off with warm water.

4) Repeat daily or use as needed for desired results.

5) Do not apply castor oil when taking medication.

Best castor oil for beard growth

Castor oil can be used for a number of things and beard growth is no different. Castor oil is not only a proven beard growth cure, but it can also be used for more than just that! You can use it as an ointment to heal facial cuts and scrapes, as a moisturizer for chapped lips and dry skin, and even as a nasal spray to freshen up your nasal passages.

Most people think of castor oil for beard growth in one of two ways: a facial hair conditioner or a topical remedy for a dry, itchy, irritated beard. If you’ve ever used castor oil for beard growth, you may be wondering whether castor oil for beard growth is right for you.

One of the many great things about castor oil is that it’s very versatile and highly useful.

Castor oil vs coconut oil for beard

Some people believe that the magic lies with using coconut oil. While this may be the case for those with red hair, the latest research shows that castor oil is a more potent beard oil. This will come as good news for those of us with very dark skin and hair.

Although castor oil does have a slight odor, I’ve been satisfied with using it since I don’t have any red hair. The downside of using coconut oil is that it takes hours to make a pound, making it prohibitively expensive.

How many days will it take to grow a beard with the help of castor oil?

It has been found that castor oil can be used to grow a beard in 10 days or less. Castor oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary to grow healthy hair and beards. Castor oil also contains ricinoleic acid, which strengthens the roots of your hair and allows the follicles to absorb more nutrients.

As you can see, castor oil will help you get everything you need to bring out the man in you

What’s the Difference Between Castor Oil and Shea Butter?

Castor oil and shea butter are both natural remedies for all sorts of skin issues, but they differ in ways. Castor oil is made from the castor bean plant, which contains ricinoleic acid. Ricinoleic acid is a type of fatty acid that has been found to have many beneficial properties for skin, hair, and nails.

Shea butter also has many benefits for skin, hair, and nails. It is extracted from the nut of the shea tree found in West Africa. Shea butter is rich in oleic acid, which can help with sebum production. Oleic acid also has antibacterial properties that can help treat acne-prone skin.

Both castor oil and shea butter are natural remedies worth exploring if you’re looking for something topical to help your skin or hair while you take care of yourself on the inside with a healthy diet and regular exercise.


The debate over whether or not castor oil helps beard growth has been going on for decades. For those of you unfamiliar, castor oil is a plant-based oil that comes from the castor bean and is commonly used in cooking and in beauty products. It’s also used in many ways for medicinal purposes, such as to help with hair and beard growth.

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