How to Make Your Body Hair Grow Slower: A Guide For All Types of Men

How to Make Your Body Hair Grow Slower

If you are trying to grow your body hair faster, take care of it by shaving daily and using a moisturizer. If you are looking to grow your body hair slower, stop shaving and use an exfoliate. Here are some ways you can make your body hair grow slower:

1) Stop shaving – this will give the hair more time to grow

How to Make Your Body Hair Grow Slower

2) Use a moisturizer or oil – this will make it easier for the hair to grow by providing nutrients

3) Use an exfoliate – this will get rid of dead skin cells that can slow down hair growth

4) Drink lots of water – water is essential for healthy hair growth!


Hormones play an important role in growing body hair and it also plays a role in growing your pubic hair. The hair on the pubic area will grow faster if you have a hormone imbalance. When you are getting pregnant, you are running a high level of estrogen. If you are getting an ovulation check-up, talk to your doctor if you are experiencing a higher level of estrogen.

Hormonal changes during puberty and pregnancy are part of the reason why the pubic hair will grow faster during that time. The pubic hair will grow faster if you are taking hormone supplements, or if you have got an imbalance in your estrogen and testosterone.

Pubic hair is a sign of fertility – so having male or female hormones in your body is a sign of sexual maturity.


It is recommended to shave daily since follicles lose their new hair shafts. Hair grows in cycles, so whenever you shave the follicles will slow down.


Skin hydration increases your body hair growth rate. The skin around the hair follicles helps your follicles to grow and flourish. Moisturizing the skin with a moisturizer helps to get rid of dry skin cells.


Removing dead skin cells causes the follicles to be more susceptible to getting damaged from bacteria or an enzyme called glycolic acid. Remove dead skin cells using a scrub or a cleanser that contains glycolic acid.

Exfoliation will remove dead skin cells from your body, which will allow your hair to grow faster. Exfoliation should be done once a week on your legs and once a month on your underarms. If you don’t remove dead skin cells, your body hair will stop growing. If you are not quite sure how to remove your dead skin cells, check out our video above.

Will Shaving Slow Down My Body Hair Growth?

One thing to note is that shaving may reduce growth in some places, but will not slow down growth in other areas.

Moisturizers and oils

Most women who want to grow their hair quicker tend to remove or shave all their body hair before they shower. This means that all of the hair is removed before it is allowed to grow and nourish the hair follicles. Moisturizing makes hair grow faster by:

1) providing nutrients to the hair follicles (eg. vitamins)

2) allowing the hair to grow to it’s full length without the hair being cut and shortened

Dos and don’ts of moisturizing

Most women over the age of twenty have the urge to remove their body hair. There are benefits and pitfalls to this process. But for many women it is not such an easy decision to make.

A rule of thumb: if it is hurting to shave, then don’t.

  1. Get enough sleep

As we mentioned before, you need enough sleep in order to grow your body hair faster. Our body is made up of many muscles and it is important that our body gets enough rest in order to function properly. If your body is not getting enough rest, it could be slowing down your hair growth, which is definitely not a good thing.

The Structure of Body Hair

  • Every hair has three components:
  • A shaft (from which you can feel the hair)
  • An edge (from which the hair curls back or split off)
  • And a body part

For example, when you pull up your skin in your armpits, it creates three distinct layers. The outermost skin layer can be pulled up, revealing the hair beneath, the next layer hides the hair on top, and then underneath the skin layer is your body hair. Below is a list of all the hair shafts and body hair regions:

  • Facial Area (Ear, Eyebrows, Nose, etc.)
  • Body (Armpit, Underarm, Cuts)
  • Armpit (2-3-4 layers)
  • Eyes (2 layers)
  • Underarm (1-2 layers)
  • Cuts (2-3 layers)

Human hair is classified by hair shaft and hair types. Most hair shafts are irregularly shaped, a few are curly, some are straight, and a handful are wavy.

Men’s Body Hair Types

Did you know that body hair thickness and color depends on your dominant skin type? In general, men can have different types of body hair depending on their skin type. These are some of the most common:

Normal: Normal body hair is typical on all men. This type of hair typically grows slower and darker than the hair on the face.

Dark brown: If you have dark brown or black skin, you have a normal amount of body hair on your body. This hair will usually be darker in color and thicker than on your face. If you have light skin, this type of hair is dark brown or black and thin, not thick.

Light brown: Light brown or light brown hair usually comes in strands or single strands that will usually be thinner than normal hair and dark brown hair.


It is important to be healthy because being healthy can help you to grow your hair faster. The quickest way to grow your hair faster is by using natural products to get rid of any unwanted hair, using an exfoliant that will remove the dead skin, and making sure that you drink a lot of water to make sure that your body is hydrating to help your hair grow.

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